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Why Use Pro Car Consulting?


Why Do I need A Car Consultant?
Free consultation, and you can save time, money, stress . . .


"Professional Automobile Purchase Consulting"

  • SAVE TIME - No spending countless hours researching and pricing vehicles, trying to decide on the right vehicle, finding the best value, looking through hundreds of classified ads, walking through multiple car lots and talking to multiple car salesman and dealerships, no wasting time in the dealership haggling etc.  We do the searching for you, locate your vehicle, test drive it, review vehicle history report (CARFAX, AutoCheck), then contact you to see and drive

  • SAVE MONEY IN MULTIPLE WAYS - We work directly with Dealer Management and Sellers to get pricing and negotiate all parts of the deal, Front and Back end

  • SAVE STRESS - Absolutely NO pressure from dealers, car salesperson's or sellers (NO negotiating at all, we negotiate all parts of the deal)

  • FREE CONSULTATION - Advice and consultation in a stress free environment showing you which vehicles will best serve your needs and purpose.  We LISTEN to what type of vehicles interest you, what options are necessary to have on your vehicle, financing options, credit, budget, etc.

  • PROFESSIONAL ADVICE - Best Vehicles, Best Values (we have done all the research on which cars rank the best in each category using Consumer Reports, Edmunds and other professional publications) We show you which vehicles have the best reliability, depreciate slowest, have the highest resale, best gas mileage, best crash test results, and the best financing options available

  • LOCATING YOUR VEHICLE - We locate your vehicle, test drive and visually inspect, review vehicle history report (CARFAX, AutoCheck), then contact you to see and test drive

  • NEGOTIATE ALL PARTS OF THE DEAL - We negotiate with Dealer Management and Sellers, You will know all of the details of your deal before signing

  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - We guarantee that you will be completely thrilled with the service we provide or you don't pay! It's on us!!

  • BLAKE AND LORIE WORK AS A TEAM - To best serve and assist you with your car buying experience, Call Blake or Lorie today for a free Consultation!

(We are Consultants and do not buy or sell motor vehicles)

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Pro Car Consulting, LLC
Professional Automobile Purchase Consulting